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1. Join our Friends of the Teifi group 

2. Visit-Learn-Report

Visit the Teifi (See Gallery for video of its entirety), learn its History, share photos. If you notice a problem...   Report them to NRW and Welsh Water 

3. Write to the Welsh Government & your Senedd member

The responsibility for pollution, rivers and water lies with the Welsh Government - so letting Welsh ministers and Senedd members your concerns is vital.

You can also write to your MP

4. Sign appropriate petitions. 


Are urging the Government and all political parties to rescue our rivers by 2030.  At the recent local elections, sewage and agricultural pollution was a major issue**. Together, we can force those responsible to stop this happening.

Along with over 50 organisations including The National Trust, The Wildlife Trusts, WWF, Soil Association, The Rivers Trust, Angling Trust and many more, we've outlined 10 simple solutions to restore the UK’s freshwaters to health in the first Charter for Rivers. 

Now we need your voice behind the Charter to help us demand political leaders rescue our rivers before it’s too late. Join us by adding your name to our petition now.

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS)


  • To: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “Clean up and protect our beaches, rivers and waterways:
    1. Reverse the budget cuts and properly fund environmental agencies
    2. Give environmental agencies the legal powers and authority they need to hold polluters to account
    3. Set more ambitious legal targets to clean up water in England and Wales than currently planned ”
  • Click link: Greenpeace


    • By signing this petition, you are pledging your support for the UK Government to place a legal duty on UK water companies to secure a year-on-year reduction in sewage pollution through investment in infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of eliminating CSO releases within the next ten years. Click link:
    • Double environmental protection budgets in England & Wales to fight river pollution. Click link:

    5. Adopt a Tributary

    There are now several active Adopt a Tributary groups (eg Plysgog) covering much of Wales. As well as the Teifi Catchment area data can be collected for: Tywi, Rheidol Taf, Loughor, Tawe Neath, E. Cleddau, W. Cleddau, Ystwyth, Afan and Others.

    See this link for the Adopt a Triputary Newsletter Spring 2023

    If you would like to join please email Nathaniel:

    West Wales Rivers Trust have developed an App to make it easy to log issues including:

    • Artificial barriers (weirs, culverts, dams, etc.)
    • Natural barriers (log jams or bedrock)
    • Water quality issues - See also below
    • Habitat issues
    • Invasive species
    • Ranunculus (water crowfoot)
    • Redd (Salmon spawning site)
    • Otter (animal, spraint or footprint)

    Once submitted, these results are uploaded onto a map so that locations can be easily identified, and action taken where necessary.

    First you will need to download the ArcGIS Survey123 Android app from Google Play or ArcGIS Survey 123 Apple  from the App Store (depending on your device).

    You do not need to create an account or log in to use this app, instead:
    Once the app is downloaded, go to your web browser on your device and enter the following link:

    This should then open the app - click 'continue without signing in', allow permissions, and you are all set to record information in the field! 

    For full instructions see this pdf document: Adopt a Tributary Survey Form

    Further information can be found in the following documents:

    1. Adopt a Tributary Survey Guidance
    2. River care group action
    3. Adopt Basic Health and Safety Guidelines
    4. How to Spot Water Pollution - (See also below)
    5. How to Spot Invasive non-native species

    Note:The principal tributaries of the Teifi (ordered from source to sea) are as follows: Afon Mwyro, Nant Glasffrwd, Afon Meurig, Afon Fflur, Camddwr Fach, Camddwr, Brennig, Nant Carfan, Afon Brefi, Nant Digonest, Nant Clywedog, Ffrwd Cynon, Nant Gou, Nant Dulas, Nant Hathren, Nant Eiddig, Nant y Gwragedd, Nant Dolgwm, Afon Granell, Afon Duar, Nant Hust, Nant Ceiliog, Nant Caradog, Nant Cwm-du, Nant Cledlyn, Nant Fylchog, Afon Clettwr, Nant Wern-macwydd, Gwenffrwd, Afon Cerdin, Afon Tyweli, Nant Merwydd, Hoffnant, Afon Gwr-fach, Afon Siedi, Camnant, Nant Bachnog, Nant Iago, Nant Bargod, Afon Cynllo, Afon Cwm-wern, Nant Halen, Afon Arad, Nant Sarah, Afon Ceri, Afon Nawmor, Afon Hirwaun, Afon Cych, Afon Eifed, Nant Arberth, Afon Morgenau, Afon Plysgog, Nant Rhyd-y-fuwch, Afon Piliau, Afon Mwldan, Nant Degwen, Nant-y-ferwig.

    (See River Teifi - Wikipedia) and (List of rivers of Wales - Wikipedia)

      6. Support appropriate causes. 

      Compel the Government to rewrite its Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan to impose much tighter deadlines on water companies to clean up their act.

      Target of £50,000 by Nov. 18, 2022, 10 a.m

      How to identify water pollution

      Please make sure you report all visual signs of water pollution to Natural Resources Wales 24/7 freephone number 0300 065 3000 or on their form here:

      We understand the frustration that some have had with a lesser than hoped response to reporting incidents, but if they are not reported then there is no evidence that they have happened.

      The above guide, from the West Wales Rivers Trust #AdoptaTributary project, shows the signs of water pollution to look out for.