Fund Raising

Fundraising Walk - Friday 11 August 2023 - Gather at 10.30a.m

Ffynnone Resilience are planning an awareness raising walk on behalf of Save the Teifi from Llechryd, all the way down to Poppet Sands on Friday 11th August 2023.

Save The Teifi group are raising funds to increase community outreach and contribute to citizen science schemes.

We wonder whether you would like to get involved in some way?


The walk will be run under the Ffynnone Community Resilience banner ( but links up with other Dirty Water Campaigns going on around the country too.


The aim is for people to walk from Llechryd Cricket Club to Poppet along riverside paths and  roads, across footpaths and through the Wildlife Centre, supported by marshals with water stops and snacks along the way. No one will be expected to walk the whole way, although many people might, and we hope to have a gathering of some sort at the start at Llechryd, and also at the end on Poppet...more info soon! We aim to set up a linked crowd funder page for Save the Teifi so people can support that if they want to (see below).


But, as with all things like this, it's scale depends on people wanting to get involved!


Maybe you are a walker and fancy the challenge of the 6ish mile walk.

Maybe you have a car and fancy rescuing people or returning them to the start. Maybe you'd like to be a marshal or hand out drinks and snacks. Maybe you'd like to be involved in the gathering on the beach at the end. Maybe you'd like to liaise with the police/council to keep them all happy. Maybe you'd like to help promote the walk and the cause. Or something else!


The date we are looking at is Friday 11th August as that seems to clash with as few other events already happening as possible. It is in the middle of the summer holidays so we can include tourists too. And by telling people now, we can ensure no one can say they didn't take part because they didn't know about it!


Our rivers are so important in terms of habitat and biodiversity, but also for our economy especially here in the Teifi Valley area. The more people that know how much the Teifi is suffering and get involved in the campaign, the stronger our campaign, and the whole Dirty Water campaign becomes.


Would you like to know more? Would you like to get involved? Perhaps you have questions before you commit, and if so please let me know (email below). We are not asking anyone to do more than they want to do, but we would love to have you (and your friends and family) involved. The more the merrier!

The Crowd Funder Donation page will go LIve on the 1st May....

Best wishes,


Jim email:



Jim Bowen

Clynfyw Care Farm

Abercych, Boncath, Pembrokeshire. SA370HF


How to identify water pollution

Please make sure you report all visual signs of water pollution to Natural Resources Wales 24/7 freephone number 0300 065 3000 or on their form here:

We understand the frustration that some have had with a lesser than hoped response to reporting incidents, but if they are not reported then there is no evidence that they have happened.

The above guide, from the West Wales Rivers Trust #AdoptaTributary project, shows the signs of water pollution to look out for.