Third Meeting held in St Dogmaels 28-Nov-2022

Two presentations were given at this meeting as follows:

The following people representing their organisations, talked about their work on the Teifi and answering questions.


  1. Dana Thomas and Duncan Dumbreck from NRW (Natural Resources Wales) presentation about the Rivers for Life project.
  2. Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water reporting on the investment plans that they have for the Teifi.Welsh Water- Dwr Cymru                        

Following that there were questions to the presenters and a group discussion on actions to be taken and reported back to the next meeting.

The presentations given are reproduced below - with thanks to all the presenters for their co-operation.

1. NRW Presentation

02 - Rivers for Life
03 - Rivers for Life
04 - Rivers for Life
05 - Rivers for Life
06 - Rivers for Life
07 - Rivers for Life
08 - Rivers for Life
09 - Rivers for Life
10 - Rivers for Life
11 - Rivers for Life
12 - Rivers for Life
13 - Rivers for Life
14 - Rivers for Life
15 - Rivers for Life
16 - Rivers for Life
17 - Rivers for Life
18 - Rivers for Life
19 - Rivers for Life
20 - Rivers for Life
21 - Rivers for Life
22 - Rivers for LifeJPG
23 - Rivers for Life
24 - Rivers for Life
25 - Rivers for Life
26 - Rivers for Life
27 - Rivers for Life
28 - Rivers for Life
29 - Rivers for Life
30 - Rivers for Life
31 - Rivers for Life
32 - Rivers for Life
33 - Rivers for Life
34 - Rivers for Life

Here is a pdf file of the above slides: Rivers for  Life Presentation

Some Questions and Answers

From an email exchange between Piers with Duncan following on from his unanswered question at the Meeting about indicator species in the Teifi - and the question about how close to the edge are we with the Teifi. This was his reply...

Good to chat earlier, thanks for getting in touch. Find attached the “know your river” doc from 2021 for the Teifi. It’s the fishery summary for the river, and gives some insight into what’s going on across the catchment in a few of the tributaries. You could compare it to some of the other rivers for interest, but there are a lot of different factors that are affecting different rivers. See: Natural Resources Wales / Salmon and sea trout catchment summaries Also there are a lot of factors affecting Salmon and Sewin at sea, which has probably the majority impact on fish. The 2022 set of data is due in February as far as I know.


River fly monitoring is a useful way of monitoring river quality. Various insects occupy various niches in and around rivers. Sampling those insects and quantifying the density and diversity, and how that changes on various rivers is part of the way we build a wider understanding of the river. NRW use it as part of the picture across a number of assessments such as the Water Framework Regulations (formerly the water framework directive). It’s also really interesting to show people. Maybe I should see if I can bring a tank full of river insects to a meeting some time?

As you said the big picture is complicated, I could talk for weeks about it and barely scratch the surface. Any questions drop me an email.





Duncan Dumbreck

 River Restoration Officer – 4 Rivers for LIFE


Mobile: 07815 977561


    See also this link about drastic decline in Sea Trout on the Teifi: The Fall of an Icon in the Teifi - Angling Trust

    This is the largest conservation project to help restore wildlife on four important rivers in South Wales and was launched on Friday 28 October 2022. The Four Rivers for LIFE Project is led by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and will protect, enhance and help restore the Rivers Teifi, Tywi, Cleddau and Usk. An estimated 776km of river will be improved.

    click link: Natural Resources Wales / Restoring LIFE back into four rivers in Wales

    2. Welsh Water Presentation


    Here is a pdf file of the above slides: Welsh Water 28-Nov-2022

    Links in the presentation:

    Welsh Water investment to support customers and environmental improvements:

    Welsh Water investment to support customers and environmental improvements | Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (