The River Teifi is dying

Sewage and chemicals are polluting our river and no one is stopping it.

The Teifi has been the lifeblood of our area for centuries - it is madness that this desecration has been permitted to happen.

Two local newspapers reported on our first meeting on 25 August and explains some of the problems and challenges. Read them here:

                   Teifi Water Quality * &  Desecration of River Teifi

Our second meeting on 29 September was attended by over 100 people. Presentations were made by: Ceredigion CC, West Wales Rivers Trust and Welsh Water. These are available on the REPORTS page

More information can be found on the RESOURCES and NEWS pages.

We now have a Forum to enable us to communicate and comment online (note this is a link through to a separate website)

* There is an error in the article desribing Welsh Water as the government agency responsible for water management - Welsh Water  is the only Not for Profit Water compaany in the UK.

Our Emergency Rescue Plan - See Action List

  1. Join our Friends of the Teifi group, next meeting:                      Monday 28 Nov 2022 at 7pm at St Dogmaels Memorial Hall 
    Hear NRW present on the Rivers for Life project and Welsh Water tell us of their investment plans for the Teifi. Come along and help to: raise awareness; plan activities and actions.
  2. Respect our river. Visit it, learn its History, take children to play by it, share photos. (See Gallery - for a birds eye view of the length of the Teifi). Report problems to NRW and Welsh Water
  3. The responsibility for pollution, rivers and water lies with the Welsh Government. Write to them urging them so save our river.
  4. Sign appropriate petitions (e.g.s Greenpeace,
  5. Start Monitoring the Teifi and its Tributaries - Use an App on your phone to record information in the field and send it to West Wales Rivers Trust. Join an Adopt a Tributary Group: The Plysgog has been adopted and a first meeting of the group will happen on 27 November - contact Nathaniel James of the Teifi Restoration Project if you wish to join in.
  6. Contrbute to national causes eg: Good Law Project

See Latest News

Water companies could be forced to pay their customers hundreds of millions in fines due to sewage pollution