Welsh Water Dumpimg Raw Sewage into The Teifi Estuary

Cardigan Bay in West Wales is home to some of the UK’s most diverse and exciting marine wildlife. One of only two resident populations of Bottlenose Dolphins in the UK inhabit the bay, making it a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The River Teifi, which flows into the bay at Poppit Sands, is also a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) meaning that it is protected by law due to its geological and ecological importance. But over the last year, Welsh Water (Dwr Cymru) dumped raw sewage into the River Teifi an average of 5.2 times a day16. Poppit Sands (a bathing water consistently rated as “excellent”) flew its Blue Flag this summer despite its known pollution. Just one year previous, it was named theworst Blue Flag beach in the whole of the UK, due to 79 sewage dump incidents17.

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The Teifi Estuary

This area includes the tidal estuary of the Teifi from the bridge near the castle in Cardigan, down through a sinuous wide and open valley with mudflats, through to the extensive sand bar at Poppit Sands and the open water of the bay. There some strong contrasts between the
estuary inland of the sand bar and the more exposed bay although both are well used for recreation. There are dramatic cliffs and headlands and tranquil rolling pastoral landscape enclosing the waters.

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Walking the Teifi Estuary

Following the River Teifi down from Cilgerran Castle to the sea at Cardigan Bay, this six-mile (10km) stroll takes in castles, an abbey, a wealth of wildlife, a gorgeous gorge and beautiful beaches… with a handsome county town in the middle.

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Autumnwatch 2022 - Birdwatching at the Teifi Estuary

Gillian Burke visits the Teifi Estuary in Wales to meet Wendy James who has been birdwatching in that locality for the past 40 years. They get to see a lot of avifauna that calls this place home in autumn.

More Teifi Estuary Walks

[1] Cardigan to Cilgerran Circular Walk (5 miles) - - - : [2]St Dogmaels to Cemaes Head Walk (12 miles) - - - : [3] Cilgerran to Cenarth Walk (6 miles) - - - : [4] Llechyrd to Penparc Circular Walk (8 miles) - - - : [5] Cardigan to Foel y Mwnt Circular Walk (10 miles)

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Poppit to Cardigan circular Teifi River kayak

A 5.5 miles circular kayak from Poppit Sands to Cardigan and back on the Teifi Estuary in Cardiganshire on the 28 July 2019. If you like kayaking and are interested in the Wales Coast and the Teifi River then watch this video for cinematic footage of the amazing scenery and learn about what was encountered on this route together with practical information about kayaking this Teifi estuary

About Afon Teifi Fairways (ATFL)

Our mission is to safeguard the Teifi Estuary’s character in a manner which ensures both compatibility between the activities of the river users and the sustainability of the natural environment. We have developed this site to be of benefit to both the regular user and casual visitor to the lower Teifi River.

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Undiscovered Wales - Teifi Estuary

Each place written about is a separate, insightful, independently researched feature, almost always with their own photography: no copycatting or clichéd content.

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Managing the Teifi Estuary

Stepping beyond the physical understanding of the estuary. Maps and photographs by Dr Seigbert Otto of Swansea University 2001

click link: Managing the Teifi Estuary, West Wales: (ecsa.international)

Teifi Estuary: Morphological Development of the Estuary and Pen yr Ergyd Spit

This report aims to bring together the current understanding of the estuary’s morphology, based on previous reports and collected data, particularly the development and influence of Pen yr Ergyd Spit. It will consider the historical development of the estuary and the processes that have influenced morphological change. From this understanding a prediction will be made of the likely change in morphology for the various options of managing Pen yr Ergyd Spit. Apr 2002.

click link: (PDF) Teifi Estuary: Morphological Development of the Estuary and Pen yr Ergyd Spit (researchgate.net)

Beach Monitoring Information

Cyngor Sir Ceredigion undertakes annual topographic and LiDAR (Laser Illuminated Detection and Ranging) surveys of a number of beaches located along the Ceredigion coastline.

click link: Beach Monitoring - Ceredigion County Council

West of Wales Shoreline Management Plan 2

Within theTeifi Estuary(PDZ5, MA9), there was discussion surrounding the draft policy ...managementof the flood plain within the estuary.

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NRW - Western Wales River Basin Management Plan

2021 – 2027 Summary

The purpose of this management plan is to protect and improve the water environment for the wider benefits to people and wildlife. In order to achieve this, the plan includes a summary of the Programme of Measures needed to achieve the objectives of the WFD Regulations 2017 together with the predicted environmental outcomes over the next six years. Collectively, the approach and actions set out in this plan will have an effect on all types of water across the catchments that make up the management plan, this includes rivers, lakes, canals, groundwater, estuaries and coastal waters. The plan aims to be integrated at the catchment scale ensuring a connection across the wider environment for people and wildlife, from catchment to coast.

click link: Western Wales RBMP 2021 For Minister Approval (cyfoethnaturiol.cymru)

Teifi Boating Club

Their purpose is to promote and facilitate boating on the Teifi estuary and surrounding waters, as well as to promote boating in the local community.

Situated right at the mouth of the estuary of the River Teifi, about 2 miles from the historic market town of Cardigan the club provides the perfect base to explore the magnificent Cardigan Bay. From the Elizabethan period to the mid-nineteenth century, Cardigan was regarded as one of Wales' most important ports. It also became a center for shipbuilding in the area. Over two hundred ships were built on the shores of the River Teifi and ancillary industries were involved in the production of sails and ropes as well as burning lime and iron casting.

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